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Alice Rooney- Catalogue 1 (with 4 variations)- Original print


Printed letterpress, french fold, bible paper books.
Catalogues £150 each
15 x 22 cm

This set of four books was an experimental piece created for the Thype exhibition. The idea was to create a catalogue of letterforms from the type collection at The Press, in SWG3. Printed on bible paper, the soft, delicate physicality of the book encourages the viewer to look at each letterform out of the context of it’s font. Hidden behind each page is test prints of the various forms used. Letterpress is a very accurate printing process involving a constant assessment of the balance between pressure and ink. Showing these shadowed tests creates repeated forms, alternate shapes and a sporadic layout.
Alice is a freelance graphic designer from Belfast and is Designer in Residence at The Press, a letterpress facility housed in SWG3.