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Enamel paint on wood
Losers- 170 x 60 cm

Ciaran Glöbel, self-taught sign painter and graphic designer from Glasgow, working predominantly in enamel and acrylic but also in projection and video mapping. Glöbel's typographic work can be seen in and on many of the city's shopfronts and public houses.
He has previously exhibited in the earth-shattering "Hugs 4 Thugs" groupshow and most recently at the multi-award winning "SlimeLife" exhibition where he ate 65% of the complimentary cheeseburgers and shamed himself during an audience participation segment.

"CIARÁN GLÖBEL'S work features striking colours and bold compositions"
- Google Bio Creator

"He might not turn up until lunchtime but at least he's cheap"
- Peter Reynolds, Pub Landlord

"Smells of turps, good at kerning"
- Alice Walker, Girlfriend