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Erin Bradley Scott- In Our Own Words- Original


Hand-painted lettering on wood
216 x 216 cm
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Erin Bradley-Scott is an artist / designer and a new graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. A focus of her work is combining art and politics that reflects the views and experiences of ordinary people who are often underrepresented in both contexts. She aims to challenge the political status-quo with what she creates, tackling issues of inequality and injustice that are resonant throughout society. Type is a useful tool within her work as it is a powerful medium for conveying these important political messages in a coherent and visually appealing way.

In Our Own Words is a platform which projects the voices of ordinary people in the context of political issues that they feel are important. It brings ordinary people’s opinions away from the virtual realms of Twitter and Facebook, where words can be lost or disregarded, and consolidates them into real life, where the viewer is prompted to consider each person’s thoughts and opinions.