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FiST- Sassy Wee Lassie- Limited edition screen print

£75.00 - On Sale

Limited Edition Screen Print. Edition of 25. A2. This piece is not framed.

This print was commissioned by Recoat Gallery for their 4th birthday and launch of their 10 artist strong collective, Team Recoat.

FiST is an emerging Scottish artist. He has worked for many years as a graphic designer, his illustrations decorating many a flyer along the way. After only two years of focusing on creating exhibition work, his style and quality of work has reached an impressive level and he has exhibited prolifically now across the UK.
FiST renovates the dead through altered Victorian photographs, their static gaze contrasting with his intricate illustrations of farm machinery, robots and distorted limbs, over-laid with blocked-in house-hold paint, acrylic or spray paint. He reinvigorates forgotten belongings; found, hoarded or scavenged signage and objects are given new life and meaning. His work toys with themes of past, future, anonymity and nostalgia.