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FiST- Self-Portrait (with Jenkins Jampot)- Original


Materials : Acrylic, spray paint and varnish on wood and aerosol can
Dimensions- (w)86 x (l)122 x (d)4cm

FiST is an artist based in a small village in East Ayrshire, making work that sits somewhere between illustration, graphic design and fine art.
Currently part of Team Recoat (a group of 10 Scottish artists, put together by Recoat gallery), Brothers of the Stripe (a group of U.K based illustrators) In the past FiST has been part of audio/visual collectives such as Radar, Ignorant and Pointless Creations.
FiST has shown in solo and group shows throughout the U.K. and internationally, including shows in Australia, Hong Kong and America.