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Kirsty Whiten- Feral Family (in the open)- Team Recoat Screen Print

£75.00 - On Sale

Limited Edition Screen Print. Edition of 25. A2. This piece is not framed.

This print was commissioned by Recoat Gallery for their 4th birthday and launch of their 10 artist strong collective, Team Recoat.

Kirsty Whiten's distinctive warped paintings and drawings have earned a year’s residency in Paris, numerous awards and bursaries and been exhibited as far a field as Cologne, Den Haag, Austria and Melbourne. Her monkey relics and other twisted drawings have appeared in magazines and on blogs around the world, including Juxtapoz and Empty.

The piece is connected to her latest series of work. The culmination of the years during which Whiten has been through the “raw and brilliant” process of creating a young family, the images that make up Feral Family seek to express an unspoken but profound experience at the core of family, and of human experience. These are her first nudes, and the first time the artist herself has been depicted; here with her baby daughter, here with female companions in cave. “This is because the work is so personal, all the models are close friends who have shared intimate family moments with me for the work.” says Whiten. The scenes are set into uncanny landscapes with rough-painted foliage, often showing glimpses of day-glo and jarring texture beneath, a sense of threat and epic narrative pressing in from outside the frame.
“I’ve thought so much about it since I have had my babies,” says Whiten, “Nature and Nurture; what’s natural, instinctual, innate. What’s best. What’ll do for now. What’ll keep us safe…”